About open tunnels

These tunnels allow people to enjoy open air flying. It is an opportunity to see the world from a bird's eye view. Beginners fly up to 4 or 5 meters from the safety net in tandem with instructors. Professionals can fly even up to 18 meters in open air.

Business application

Open type tunnels are used as a stand alone business for serving active lifestyle and entertainment seekers and for shows, promotional events, and video shooting.


One beginner fly at a time irrespective of the diameter of the air-stream. If the diameter of the air-stream allows then two or even three professionals can fly at the same time. Beginners are allowed to fly up to 2 meters and in tandem with experienced instructors even up to 5 meters (tandem flights are not available on Open-1 model). It is possible to sell 45 minutes of flying time per hour. If needed these tunnels can also be installed inside arena where the height of ceilings is at least 18 meters.


This is a unique activity where experienced instructors work face-to-face with beginner flyers. Even more there are two persons overlooking each customer: one is experienced instructor in the airflow, the other is airflow operator who adjusts wind speed according to a particular client. Specially created safety cushions ensure soft landing if customers fall out of the airstream. Important - it is no possible to fall out of the wind tunnel!

Noise level

less than 90 dBA near noise reduction walls, 115 dBA in the center of the airstream. These tunnels are not designed for long-term installation in residential areas because of the relatively high noise level.


If the air temperature falls below 5*C and if it is raining then flying in these tunnels is not comfortable. If the speed of the side wind is more than 15m/s then flying is not allowed.

  • Inventors of vertical wind tunnel

  • TUV Certified

  • Winter Olympic Games 2006, Torino

  • World Expo 2010, Shanghai