News AERODIUM bodyflight show for 200 years anniversary celebrations in Mexico

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AERODIUM bodyflight show for 200 years anniversary celebrations in Mexico

On 15th of September, 2010 the world top skydivers - AERODIUM wind tunnel acrobats - performed a stunning bodyflight show at the State of Mexico 200 years’ anniversary event. The AERODIUM acrobatic performance called ‘Angel of Independence’ was the central culmination episode of the anniversary event in the main square of the Mexico City.

A great many anniversary events culminating with a huge festival on September 15th were held to mark Mexico’s 200 years of independence from Spanish rule. The event “Flying Mexico” in Zocalo central square was attended by high-profile members from the Mexican government and foreign guests. After AERODIUM show, the Mexican president Felipe Calderón addressed the Mexican people praising the nation for its strength, beauty and future vision.

The Mexico anniversary event was hugely popular and widely reported in media all over the world.

The AERODIUM show was performed in an open vertical wind tunnel developed and manufactured by AERODIUM company.

AERODIUM budyflight shows are gaining popularity far and wide. AERODIUM  has performed at various venues all over the world including 2006 Olympics in Torino closing ceremony, the premiere of ‘Superman Returns’ in Italy the same year, Dubai World Cup horse race finals in 2007, Black Sea Olympic Games opening ceremony in Turkey in 2008, and Sochi Olympic games logo presentation in the Red Square in Moscow in 2009. Currently closed recirculation AERODIUM wind tunnel is the central piece of Latvia Expo Pavilion in Shanghai, China.

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