News AERODIUM participate in AHHAA Science center opening

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AERODIUM participate in AHHAA Science center opening

From May 6 till May 14 AERODIUM were part of celebration of new Science and Technology center AHHAA opening in Tartu, Estonia. AHHAA was established in 1997 as a special project of the Department of Research and Institutional Development of Tartu University (founded in 1632). This year AHHAA opened new premises and on the occasion AERODIUM were invited to the opening ceremony of the new premises.

AERODIUM vertical wind tunnels were developed as a result of ongoing scientists discussion - wether human can be brought up in the air by powerful stream of wind. As a result French - Canadian inventor Jean St. Germain in 1979 announced first vertical wind tunnel and proved to scientists that it is possible. Since then science and technology is playing major part of AERODIUM vertical wind tunnel research and development and is example how science contribute to happiness near and far through constantly improving technologies for vertical wind tunnels. We were happy to be part of it and keep going to promote Technology of Happiness worldwide. In Tartu we were using advanced OPEN - 1 type tunnel which we were using in Mexico Bicentennial celebrations as well is Shanghai WORLD EXPO in 2010.

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  • TUV Certified

  • Winter Olympic Games 2006, Torino

  • World Expo 2010, Shanghai